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I’m diggin’ it

    It’s been getting all serious around these parts, talking about anger and baby loss (and crashing the blog because I guess there are a few women out there who can relate). So to shift the focus off of myself and my B I G emotions that I sometimes write about, I thought I’d […]

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join me for a cuppa instagram photos 28 april

Join me for a cuppa | The dishes, birth kits, and Europe edition

Big week, yes? There’s just so much happening right now, but it’s all good, good, good. You really should read these guys: So excited about Simple Design that just launched. It’s part of the Simple Media family… all amazing blogs. Dishes and Litany and all that Beauty by Mama:Monk. Read it, mamas. No need to […]

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Join me for a cuppa | Waiting and flying

Around the World: This short, powerful, little post What I Know from In the Details just makes my heart well up. Mamas, you will love this Mother Letter from one of my new favorite bloggers, Sarah Bessey, where she encourages you to find freedom from the notion that the The Perfect Mother exists. I couldn’t […]

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join me for a cuppa

Join me for a cuppa | Introducing a new feature on the Memos

I admit… I’m really good at ideas. I’m an ideas person. My problem is that I’m not always good at the following through part. I’ve had so many series on the Memos that I meant to take further: Sacred Parenting, Reclaiming Sundays, Little Teachers, and more. So many good intentions… so many other things to […]

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have you had a free blog critique yet?

Whether you aspire to make a living at blogging or not, every serious blogger hoping to be around for the long haul should have a blog critique done. Last year I was quick to jump in the queue to be given a free blog critique by Melissa at Momcomm… and count my lucky stars, I […]

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shout outs: innocence, connectedness, and relationships

I haven’t done any shout-outs in a while… I suppose I just somehow slipped out of rhythm. But there are some posts that I read this week that I believe deserve a wider audience and are worth your precious blog-reading time: 1) Cameron describes the innocence of childhood that’s revealed when teaching her fifth grade […]

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