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Sexy needs. Boring needs. Both are needs.

Sexy Giving


Everybody loves to give to a worthy cause, but who loves to donate toward the liability insurance? I totally get this. I would far rather think of my donations going toward

Baby Umi at 11 weeks old. Bamio village on the Bamu River, Western Province, Papua New Guinea.

Umi’s story and Project Baby Bilum


Meet baby Umi: When I met Umi she was eleven weeks old and weighed just under five pounds. At an age where babies are normally holding their heads up, beginning

Josephine giggling in Bamio, Western Province, Papua New Guinea.

A drink of water (Josephine’s story)


I sit in the entry-way of a house raised by stilts. Nearly ten mothers sit behind me, breastfeeding their babies. More stand outside just below my feet and others stand

mamas with midwife

When dreams come true (and a goodbye)


Although I don’t write about it much in this space, one of my greatest passions in life is to help people in the developing world. If you’ve been reading here