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Conversations with the littles: For the love of poison

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Overheard while Ryan was making breakfast crepes:

Levi: “Me ham some Daddy?” (pointing to the lemon juice)

Ryan: “You need to finish your cereal first, because you asked for it.”

Levi: “But I wuv dat Daddy.”

Ryan: “Do you even know what that is?”

Levi: “Yes Daddy. It’s poison.”

Ryan: “Poison?”

Levi: “Yes. And I wuuuuv poison Daddy.”

Ryan: “Poison is bad Levi. It will hurt you. This is lemon juice, not poison.”

Levi: “I wuuuuuv lemon juice Daddy! Me ham some?”


Dear friends, that is all. Just a smile from me today.


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