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How do you find purpose in life? (Hint: check your pockets.)

Hone your passion, find your purpose.

Passion and purpose can sound like big words when you’re buried in laundry and tripping over legos, but there is a bigger purpose to our lives than what we typically see on a Tuesday afternoon when we’re deep in the trenches of motherhood.

What are you passionate about? Does your life have purpose?

Maybe these are questions that you’re unsure of the answer to. Or maybe you’ve confidently answered in the past, but are in need of an injection of fresh perspective (because–let’s face it–sometimes daily life can easily overshadow the bigger picture).

Today I’m at Grace for Moms sharing how “the rocks in your pocket” can make all the difference if you’re willing to take a few simple–but very intentional–steps of faith.

Join me there, friends? And allow me to encourage you as you hone your passions and find your purpose.

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