• Women, take your place. Teach. Preach. Lead.


      I’ll never forget the first time a man sat in the back row, arms folded across his chest, scowling at me while I preached. Thankfully I wasn’t completely disarmed, but I was perplexed. Still in my early twenties myself, I was young and naive, and didn’t fully grasp why

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  • When you feel invisible


    At a huge women’s conference last year, I sat alone. Several friends sat together in a section above me, but I was in-and-out with seven-month-old Micah strapped to my back (or my belly) and I needed a seat with easy access to the mothers’ room. I remember feeling a bit

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  • When your anger frightens you


    Years ago as a brand new mom to a little boy I couldn’t possibly love more I had my first experience with the kind of anger that scared me. I can’t remember the circumstances leading up to that moment or what exactly it was that ignited me, but I will

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  • An Everyday Benediction


    It’s still school holidays here in Australia so I’m not kissing my kids goodbye to school every morning quite yet, but when I do I cup their cheeks, look deeply into their anticipation-filled eyes, and send them off with this little benediction: Be brave, be kind, be curious, and always know that

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  • Allora Haven Santiago

    Faith like a child: Allora’s story of childhood cancer


    Guest post by Chandler Jo Santiago It’s Friday, so we are dreaming of the beach while she gets a chemo infusion. Allora reminds me regularly that she does not have cancer any longer. “I have chemo, Mama, not cancer.” When I look at her journey from that perspective, my heart

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  • 3 Ways to care for a friend with cancer

    Three Ways to Care for a Friend with Cancer


    Guest Post by Marissa Henley Has this ever happened to you? Your phone buzzes, and you look down to see a call from a friend who’s expecting biopsy results. The minute you hear her voice, you know: it’s cancer. As you process your shock, sadness, and fear, you wonder how

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  • care package ideas for miscarriage & loss

    Care package and gift ideas for a friend after miscarriage


    The fact that you’re here means you’ve probably googled for clues on how to help your friend after a heartbreaking miscarriage or other form of pregnancy loss such as stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, etc. I’m sorry. There’s no other way to say it other than: this is hard. Thank you for putting

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