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Teaching my son to pull his pants up, and teaching me to face my own weakness


Maybe you don’t need to be ready. Maybe you just need to be willing.

I am a hopeless perfectionist. This means I not only like things done well, but I often put them off until I have time to do them “perfectly”. (Did you know that perfectionists are also often procrastinators? Yeah, that…)

One of the most frustrating things my (almost) three-year-old does right now is come to me with his undies around his ankles after going potty, demanding in a loud, whiney voice, “Pull up my undies, Mommy!”

toddler pulling his undies up

He knows very well how to pull his own underwear up. The problem is that they sometimes get stuck on his little toosh, or twisted along the way (especially this time of year when it’s hot and sticky Down Under). So instead of struggling to figure it out and practice until he’s nailed it, he’d rather simply have it done for him.

Why does this bug me so much? Continue reading at Grace for Moms…


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  • Reply Tara 20 January 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Oh my gosh cutest thing ever!!

  • Reply Amanda 23 January 2013 at 3:52 am

    I know it probably wasn’t intentional, but that picture has me cracking up. My daughter does the exact same thing!

    Also, your post about grace resonated with me. The past few months, that’s been in my heart a lot (especially dealing with another deployment). I keep reminding myself that He gives us grace – right when we need it. I tend to ramble, so I hope that makes sense.

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