5 meaningful mothers day gifts under $15

Maybe your husband and kids are asking for gift ideas, or maybe you’d like to bless a single mom or your own mom this Mothers Day. Here are five simple but meaningful ideas that will cost you $15 or less:

5 meaningful mothers day gifts under $15


1. Give her some grace for the motherhood journey in the form of a book break.

Buy her a book that will refresh her mother-heart such as Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches, Spirit-Led Parenting, or The Mother Letters (an eBook). Present it to her with a beautiful cup of her favorite coffee or tea and take the kids out for an hour or two. Have a cozy place ready for her to settle into that includes a place to put her feet up.

2. Donate a clean birth kit on her behalf for mothers in developing nations.

In the developing world the risk of infection is the leading cause of maternal mortality. One in 7 women in rural Papua New Guinea don’t survive childbirth. Clean birth kits are proven to drastically reduce the occurrence of infection and for $10 you can sponsor 5 birth kits through Bloggers for Birth Kits. (You can even request a personalized a card for her saying that a donation of X number of kits were made in her name. Details here.)

3. Prepare an at-home day spa.

Give her a basket with a single-use facemask, some lotion or oil, and some bubble bath. Then… leave for a couple of hours. With the kids. To make it extra special, clean the bathroom ahead of time and set up some scented candles, soothing music, or soft lighting. Lay out fresh towels and her favorite bathrobe or slippers. If you’re really keen to go all out, follow-up with a nice foot rub while the kids brush her hair.

4. Make it a Mothers Day weekend.

Clean the house for her on the Saturday before Mothers Day. On Sunday she will love relaxing into some family time knowing that her surroundings are beautiful and taken care of. Of course then you can follow it up by serving her throughout the day – meals, some space for an afternoon nap, or whatever would make her little mama-heart sing.

5. Reach out with your entire family to bless another mother.

Buy a small bouquet of flowers and take it to the children’s ward at the hospital. Ask the nurses if there is a single mother there with her child who might need her day brightened. Or do the same at a local homeless shelter, a retirement center, a refuge for women and children, or simply in your own neighborhood. By extending the blessing of your family, you will bring joy to everyone involved (your own wife/mom included!).

Dear friends, what meaningful Mothers Day gifts would you add to my list?


p.s. Can anyone say crazy-busy? I missed my cuppa post last week and a few other things I meant to publish so just a quick recap here… First of all, we are fast approaching 2000 birth kits. Hello!! This is AH-MAZING. Did you see the one about the struggle between parenting books and trusting yourself? It generated some great comments and discussion. On CC5 there was little baby and enjoying the small things, wholeheartedly and breastfeeding is God’s coffee break for moms and why talking about money is fun, not boring. I guest posted at Brown Eyed Bell(e) about what my c-section and VBAC have in common. And if nothing else you should read this one about being scared to death by Jeff Goins. Good stuff, friends.

p.p.s. Grace for Mom launches this weekend! Do you KNOW how exciting this is???! Kicking off the launch will be 12 days of giveaways. Be there. Sunday. You’re welcome.


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