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Confessions of a part-time tree hugger

Every teenager needs a cause, right? When I was around 16 I decided to become a vegetarian. Not because I was concerned about animal cruelty, but becuase

Move over Martha

I’ve always liked decorating. I remember being about 10 years old and decorating my room for the first time. My colors of choice dusty blue and mauve

The L word

  As a kid I loved left-over night. My mom would tell me what’s available, I’d draw up a menu, and then I’d happily go take orders

I thought I had hit the jackpot

With much reluctance I drove to the grocery store. It had been a long day. Kids had been crazy. I was in no mood to be running

Cross it off your list

How long do you let things sit on your to-do list?  I am a huge list-maker. I have lists for everything:  The usual stuff like groceries, errands,