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Writing behind the scenes

There are so many reasons I write. I love the creative aspect of writing. I love the way my brain works when I’m on the keyboard. I

Little space, big dream

Later this year my family and I will be flying to Papua New Guinea where we’ll board the YWAM Medical ship, hole up in a small cabin,

The paper lady, I am not

Please tell me I’m not the only one out there to prepare my taxes three weeks before they’re due? And when I say “prepare” I mean get


Whenever I meet with young people who are seeking direction, I always tell them not to make big decisions while they are feeling emotional. That principle has

Chasing cows and investing in young people

Camping was amazing. Dirty. Wet. Beautiful. We had an ant invasion (not awesome), ate s’mores around the campfire (awesome), got super dirty (expected), ran out of water

The swearing Malaysian pastor

I had only been in Malaysia a few hours before I found myself in church. The pastor spoke English in a thick Chinese-Malaysian accent. I sat a