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I admit… I’m really good at ideas. I’m an ideas person.

My problem is that I’m not always good at the following through part.

I’ve had so many series on the Memos that I meant to take further: Sacred Parenting, Reclaiming Sundays, Little Teachers, and more.

So many good intentions… so many other things to write about. (Two years into blogging and I’ve always, always had more ideas than time.)

The last thing I want is to start another series and not carry it through, so Join me for a Cuppa is going to be a no promises (to myself or to you) feature that I’ll do for as long as I’m able. I’d love to do this weekly, but we’ll just see how we go. It may be weekly or every other week. You’ll find out as I do.


join me for a cuppa


Join me for a Cuppa posts will be for sharing links from other writers worth reading, highlighting significant happenings on the Memos, and glimpsing into my other blog (Click Clink Five). I’ll post my project 52 photos here most weeks, as well as some Pinterest inspiration. I’ll also throw in a few of my fave instagrams from the week for good measure. (My username for both Instagram and Pinterest is adrielbooker).

My “cuppa” posts will be a bit of a hodge-podge as if you and I were sitting down together over a chai tea, relaying all the stuff that’s been happening in our (online) lives lately.

If nothing else, please check out my “Around the World” section where I’ll point you to some awesome work by writers worth your time.

To start I’ll dump a few more instagrams than… a few. These are some of my faves from the month:

april instagram collage


Around the World

This article on fat, ghetto, and other words caused me to think. (It’s also kicking me into gear to finish writing a post about the power of words we use for our kids that I started ages ago.)

I loved Megan’s peek behind the curtain confessional of what it’s like to be a newly published author and the tension that comes with that. She’s both humble and brave.

Donald Miller wrote an insightful article about self-promotion that simultaneously challenged and encouraged me.

I love Boho Mama’s weekly Just Write posts. They’re always beautiful and creative. Megan’s most recent one is here.

You’ve probably seen Caine’s arcade video that’s gone viral? I love Gigi’s response.


Around the Memos

Earlier this week I posted on dealing with mixed emotions as your baby hits milestones. Probably the most notable aspect of that post is that there are some amazingly blundered photographs included from Judah’s six month shoot. Go ahead… read it and make fun of me. I’m okay with that. Or just have a look at the cute-factor if you need some warm fuzzies.


Around Click Clink Five

The vulnerability of dreaming, the pain of being crushed by a bulldozer, starting fresh, on being an introverted extrovert, why I didn’t rub dirt on my face on Good Friday, and a much-needed moment of clarity all found their way into my five-minute posts this week. Oh, and a little secret… what I hate about Australia. (Shhh…. don’t tell the Aussies.)

[CC5 is my other blog where I write for five minutes every day on topics from faith to politics, entertainment to travel to… you name it. Oh, and this wee little blog is unfancy and unedited. Stream-of-conscious, baby. Scary stuff.]


Project 52

This boy caused us an endless amount of giggles as we forked out the best $1.50 ever spent during our Good Friday outing to the beach:

little boy covered in chocolate ice cream

[15| 52: good friday fudgsicle]

Fave Pinterest find of the week

Children around the world prints… swoon.

Source: via Adriel on Pinterest


Pinterest board of the week

I think you’ll love these women as much as I do…

pinterest board inspiring women


Dear friends, what have you read or seen or written that’s inspired you this week? Please tell me about it (and/or leave your link) in the comments.


good friday fudgsicle: #15 of my 52 fotos project.
Linking in with other Project 52ers: Styleberry Blog and Courtney Kirkland.


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