Twelve months

Since Levi’s three favorite things right now are his books, his guitar, and walking… I thought it only fitting to mark twelve months accordingly. Although these are not the best photos from a technical perspective I do love them anyway. They show how much fun he is and how cute he is at the moment.

Ah, twelve months…

{he takes story-book reading very seriously these days.}

{this was more of a run than a walk… yikes!}

{i’m swooning over this one.}

{so. much. fun.}

{“are you watching me mama? are you listening?”}

{doing a little jig while playing a tune. love!}

{i adore those chubby feet.}

My how times have changed…

{nine months – all about the standing and cruising.
his personality really began to come out around this age.}

{six months – all about the sitting, “sorting”, and examining.
it was nearly impossible to rip his focus away from his toys
and get him to look at me for a photo at this age.}

{three months – all about the pushing up and learning to roll over.
i remember thinking he looked like such a big boy when i took this…
but not so much when i look at it now. just a wee little babe.}

Oh, and a bonus word of advice for other first-time-moms out there: There are certain books you shouldn’t read during the lead-up to your firstborn’s first birthday… I’ll Love You Forever or Oh, the Places You’ll Go! or The Giving Tree or The Runaway Bunny. It’s all just a little much.

My boy will be one in two days.  T w o  D a y s.

Dear friends, just a photo dump on the memos today. I know you don’t mind a dose of cuteness every now and then. And to my mama-photographer mates, a question: How do you keep a very busy little toddler in focus?! I’m having the darndest time taking decent photos lately, *sigh* and it’s beyond frustrating!


P.S. If you’re the praying type, please pray for my little man. He’s been fighting a cold/cough/fever all week and today it really took a turn for the worst… I held him for hours this afternoon as he just cried and cried and went in and out of short bursts of sleep. He’s miserable and really needs healing… Not sure if it’s teething related (same thing did happen the last two times he cut new teeth) or if it’s just a flu. In any case, it’s nasty!! Of course we’re hoping that we won’t have to cancel his birthday party which is happening in two days. Not to mention the fact that we don’t want to get his little friends sick either! Oh, and my in-laws arrive tomorrow to stay for a week. Not the best timing for a sick bub! But most of all I want to see him well for his own sake. It’s so hard watching your baby suffer. boo. 🙁 Thanks for your prayers! xxo

on saturday…

photo credit: sue stendahl 

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  • Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood
    27 January 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Adorable. All of them. But my particular fav is the one where you say "are you watching me mama? Are you listening?" I really like how you've done these pictures with the blocks. What a great idea! Did you see it done somewhere?

    I will be praying for Levi; may he make a speedy and full recovery. And for you as I clearly remember all of the emotions that come with a first birthday 😉

  • Casey Martinez
    27 January 2011 at 2:37 pm

    You could never post too many pics of that cutie pie!! Love the blocks you have used for his monthly pictures…I want some of those! He is walking already and so well. I wonder if my daughter will be walking by one…Happy birthday to your precious son!

  • adriel, from the mommyhood memos
    27 January 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Greta, thank you! And no, I didn't get the idea from somewhere… I thought it up all by myself. That's what happens when you're playing with blocks I guess. 😉

    Casey, I didn't take these every month! I knew better than to think I'd pull that one off. (Although it would have been awesome!) I went easy on myself and made a goal for once a quarter. 🙂 I started at three months… but wish I had thought of it sooner. Would love to have a "birthday day" photo of him too. Maybe for the next baby?!??

  • Cameron
    27 January 2011 at 3:48 pm

    I absolutely LOVE the guitar pictures!!! He is just too cool!!!

    I'll definitely be praying for him to feel better! I hate when they're sick! Sounds like he's just miserable. Poor thing!!

  • MommyToTwoBoys
    27 January 2011 at 7:10 pm

    So cute! Such great photos. And what a good idea to take those with the blocks labeling his age. Too bad I can't go back and start over using that idea! Ha! How much simpler and cheaper than department store photos.

  • flyrish
    27 January 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Beautiful photos! It's great to see how he's grown, and I adore the guitar photo you're swooning over. I swoon with you.

    I wish I had a tip on toddler photography, but you're a much better photographer than me. I just take a lot of photos and pray for a good one!

  • vivi b.
    28 January 2011 at 7:15 am

    oh, i will be praying for little Levi. =D i'm also sick today (and yesterday!) and hopefully not anymore tomorrow! my in-laws are coming tonight and will stay with us until sunday. phew.. i need to get well!

    the photos are so cute =D i love the idea of taking his pictures with letter blocks stating his age. i hope to remember to do that too in the future with my first born!

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  • ajnrileysmommy
    30 January 2011 at 7:23 pm

    i love the idea of the blocks in the picture for each month! how cute! and what a beautiful baby boy you have! 🙂


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