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Violence against women: A global crisis

Violence Against Women: A Global Crisis


We can be so inundated with causes and statistics and pleas to “work for change” that we begin to tune out important messages. I get it. And I’m guilty of

Wake up to her potential. // 31 Days to Women Empowering Women on

Pro Choice. Pro Voice. Pro Girl Declaration.


If I wasn’t playing Little House on the Prairie I could usually be found playing school or office or doctor or house. Only when I’d visit Sarah’s house (with the

31 Days of Women Empowering Women at

Hope for Our Future Looks Like This


And when we strip all the press releases and polished responses away we know what is really needed – an actual revolution for our daughters, a world transformed into a

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When half the world is living in poverty…


I’ve never enjoyed fundraising. Honestly, it’s my least favorite part of what my husband and I do. And yet when I see needs in the developing world that can easily