• Erika Morrison—Bandersnatch

    Who are you?


    Guest Post by Erika Morrison The cardinals make it look so easy. The honeybees make it look so easy. The catfish and the black crow, the dairy cow and the cactus plant, all make being created appear effortless. They arise from the earth, do their beautiful, exclusive thing and die

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  • Lady Liberty Welcome to America

    Welcome to our shores


    What Lady Liberty, a stolen passport, and my 5-year-old taught me about immigration, refugees, and asylum seekers Athens was dirty and hot—a stubbly armpit in August—and she contained the thief who had stolen my passport and the cash I had worked all summer to save. I hated her. After six

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  • Essena Oneill's Confessional

    Coming Clean: We’re all drunk on something


    “I was just living in a screen, wishing that people would value me, that people would hear me, that people would just know me.” Listen closely to the confession of 19-year-old social media celebrity, Essena O’Neill, from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. With a lucrative modeling contract, half a million followers

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  • Wings and Roots

    Wings and roots: Of mixed metaphor and the search for home


    At 18 years old I packed a backpack and a journal (pre-internet and instagram) and landed in Germany with $1400 in my bank account—the measly insurance payout I received after totaling my well-loved Nissan Pulsar, the “Silver Bullet”. With my Lonely Planet guide book and a neon highlighter in hand,

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