Flash Giveaway: Hand illustrated, personalized children’s book

Just in time for Christmas I was given this gorgeous and quirky children’s book, personalized with Levi and Judah as the main characters, and was delighted to see how much they enjoyed the fun story and the whimsical illustrations by Nishla Smith at Niche Drawings.





(Both my boys love the book, and have asked for it to be read several times already, though Levi does call me out on a technical foul every time I read him the line, “they went to their favourite place – the zoo!” reminding me that his favourite place is, in fact, Disneyland. Heh.)

I rarely do reviews or giveaways on the blog, but Nishla’s offer caught my attention because I love the concept of personalized children’s books and I love being able to support local small business owners like this young woman. Besides, how could I resist when I’m sent an email like this one:

My name’s Nishla and I am a singer/maker of things based in Melbourne. I have just launched a Very Small Business, called Niche Drawings, through which I make custom art and books for children.

I have always made books with my drawings and stories for the children of my family and friends, and in August, I decided to try to take my book-making to the next level! All the books feature my own unique sense of story telling- I try not to pigeon-hole boys and girls into specific roles or myths, but rather let my imagination (and theirs) run wild, in stories packed full of colour and quirkiness. When you buy a book, you can customise, not only the name of the main character, but what they look like as well, and there is a whole host of options for adding pets, siblings and family members!

At the moment I operate in about 3 cubic metres, on a recycled desk, in absolute colourful chaos, but I’m hopeful that this won’t be the case forever! I would love the opportunity to share my books and art with your wonderful audience.

She sold me when she described her workspace as being in “colourful chaos.” How could I not support this beautiful emerging artist as she pursues her dreams and passion?!

Win your own personalized children’s book

Now, it’s your turn. I’m pleased to offer a personalized book of your choosing to a lucky winner. To enter simply share this post on social media and let me know in the comments below where you shared. For extra entries, you can also find my giveaway post on instagram or facebook and enter there. Contest ends in 24 hours and is open world wide. 

Good luck!


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