Deep Dive: Grief support groups after pregnancy loss

Deep Dive Grief Groups : Peer support after pregnancy loss with Our Scarlett Stories Community and Adriel Booker




Maybe your grief is fresh and raw and you’re still reeling from the suffocating blow of a recent miscarriage. Or maybe you’ve long ago buried a secret grief, but something within is probing you to lean in closer to the pain once again. Grief is wild like the sea, but it doesn’t need to destroy us. We can’t conquer it, but we can navigate it, and we can find Jesus there too.


Dive in, friend. Come with me. Let’s go deep. This is God’s invitation to be formed afresh in him. Grief can undo us, but it can also remake us. Let’s lean into Hope together.




Join Adriel Booker and other women from the Our Scarlett Stories pregnancy loss community as we dive deeper into our grief together—not to be consumed by it or even to do away with it—but to be transformed and healed right in the midst of it.


These small, intimate grief groups help women navigate grief after pregnancy loss during an eight-week journey through grief together.



  • Private forum for sharing and prayer with other women who’ve experienced loss.
  • Access to the private group via desktop or mobile app. (Away from the noise and advertisements of Facebook groups.)
  • Two live group mentoring calls with Adriel.
  • Seven weeks of videos from Adriel to take you deeper with the content of her book, Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss
  • In depth guided weekly discussions by Adriel and team.
  • Weekly prayer and encouragement for group members.
  • Safe place to share your struggles with grief, sorrow, anger, faith, doubt, and the many other things pregnancy loss unearths.
  • Indefinite access to the group after our eight weeks are over so you can continue to journey with others you’ve grown friendships with in the group.
  • Indefinite access to the other features of Our Scarlett Stories Community such as our resource library, live interviews with experts in the field, a seven part audio series for navigating key milestone days, regular calls with Adriel and other guest experts, and more.



Visit the website to see the next Deep Dive intake and register today to reserve your spot. (Or join the wait list for future groups.)



Deep Dive grief groups are a part of our broader pregnancy loss community with hundreds of women offering kind support. Find out more here.


Our Scarlett Stories Pregnancy Loss Community with Adriel Booker



The content of our eight-week Deep Dive groups are guided by content from Adriel’s book, Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss. (Book not included. Please purchase your copy here or reserve a copy from your local library.)


Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss


FAQs about the Deep Dive


How much time would I need to allocate toward this?

You can put as much or as little effort into the Deep Dive as you wish—this group is for you. To make the most of your time and investment, we suggest setting aside 20-30 minutes or more a day to have unhurried time to journal and consider and interact with the other group members. Weekly videos are generally 60 minutes.


Do we gather at a set time?

Yes and no.

Week 1: The first week we will have a live video meet-up so we can all meet each other. This is where Adriel will share more about how the group will work, what to expect, and clarify any questions you have. It is also where we will spend some time listening to each other’s stories and what our hopes are for the Deep Dive.

Weeks 2-7: In between the opening and closing live video calls, there will be weekly videos posted on Fridays that you can watch any time that suits your schedule.

Week 8: During the last week we will have a second live video meet-up so we can share “face to face” how the journey has been for us. This will be another really special time you won’t want to miss.


What is the format?

  • Each week we read one section of Grace Like Scarlett together (on your own time), which is usually about two chapters.
  • One discussion/journal question is posted each day from Monday through Thursday. You can do them daily or all at once—whatever suits you best.
  • On Fridays there is a video for you to watch over the weekend.
  • On Saturdays there is a prayer thread.
  • The chat and comments and posts are open throughout the week for your use whenever you wish.


What’s the video content like?

Each video features Adriel plus one special guest. Adriel opens the video and then flips the mic over to her guest co-host who leads the discussion about the week’s topic. Guest co-hosts range from therapists, to authors, to pastors. Many are baby loss moms themselves; a few are not. The videos are not designed to feel like teaching; they are designed to feel more like a warm conversation with deep, honest discussion that you would find in a support group setting.


What if I miss a video or some questions or have to travel?

This group is yours and there is no time duration in which you must “complete” the work. If you find yourself needing to go slower than the eight week pace we’ve set, then go slower. None of the videos or discussion questions will be deleted so you can take as much time as you’d like.


What do I need to participate?

  • Your own copy of Grace Like Scarlett. Please order your copy now or reserve at your local library.
  • A Bible, journal, pen, and internet connection. (Either phone or laptop is fine.)
  • An open heart and willingness to bring your hardest questions before the Lord.
  • An atmosphere conducive to soul care. (Need to light a candle? Pour yourself a cup of tea? Find a comfy chair? Turn your phone to DND?)


What if I can’t join a Deep Dive now?

If you can’t join now but would like to join another Deep Dive group, please leave your details here and we’ll be in touch.


How is this different to the main Our Scarlett Stories membership community?

The Deep Dive is eight weeks of guided grief support in a small group with Adriel, but there is still plenty of support in our main community network if you can’t join a Deep Dive now. When you join a Deep Dive, you are welcome to use the main network as much as you’d like and interact with the other members here. There is a large (and still growing) resource library, live interviews every few weeks with experts in the field, an audio series for navigating key milestones, and many, many other resources including, of course, our wonderful and supportive community members themselves.


What’s the cost?

You can find current Deep Dive costs here. If you are experiencing financial hardship due to Covid or another situation, please contact me so we can chat about options. While I need to cover my costs, I also never want finances to be a barrier for people in genuine need, and at times we’re able to offer scholarships or have others offer to pay forward a Deep Dive to someone else.


Why aren’t you using Facebook?

Facebook is noisy and I’m tired of the ads, conspiracy theories and politics rants, spam, and other nonsense. The Mighty Networks platform provides us our own private space with lots of features that Facebook doesn’t offer. It means we can combine our resource library, community, story platform, and live calls and events all into one space. (We love it!)


Join us here:

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