Adriel Booker - preaching The Spectacle of Heaven


Adriel Booker is a gifted communicator and compelling Bible teacher who has been preaching and teaching for close to twenty years in more than a dozen nations. She regularly speaks to millennials, church congregations, training school settings, youth groups, women’s groups, and conferences on a wide range of issues related to faith, justice, discipleship, and leadership. Listeners tend to comment on her warm, approachable communication style and her ability to unpack complex theological issues while inspiring biblical exploration that both digs deep and remains practical.

Adriel is also experienced at speaking in non-religious settings, particularly in areas of motherhood, parenting, women’s issues, and issues surrounding miscarriage and loss. Additionally, Adriel teaches seminars on writing, the generosity of storytelling, and online communications.

To enquire about booking her at your church or event, please email us at hello@adrielbooker.com.


Speaking sample

The following is a faith-based message based on material from Adriel’s new book, Grace Like Scarlett, in which she explores themes of God’s presence in suffering and our response as believers. Although Adriel speaks from the framework of her personal story, the message is not specific to parents who’ve suffered miscarriage.

The Spectacle of Heaven—Westside Church, Bend, Oregon, USA (May 2018)