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Ruach - breath of God

Ruach: Breath of God

Ruach is the Hebrew word used in scripture for the breath of God. It is wind, Spirit, life. It’s not so much a physical force but an

Sydney opera house

Privilege and Power

  I can’t stop thinking about my privilege lately. It’s been a growing revelation for a good portion of my adult life, but everything was quickened this

What was lost

I spent some time naming all the things that were lost this year as the world was jarred to stillness with Covid-19. It was painful. Some of

I See You, Mother

I See You, Mother

I see you—the one flattened by the words “I can’t find a heartbeat.” I see you—the one trying and waiting and wondering how much longer you can

the generosity of story telling

The generosity of storytelling

When stories connect us Two years ago I was headed into the most arduous work of my life. I was writing a book, not only telling my

When you feel invisible

At a huge women’s conference last year, I sat alone. Several friends sat together in a section above me, but I was in-and-out with seven-month-old Micah strapped

When your anger frightens you

Years ago as a brand new mom to a little boy I couldn’t possibly love more I had my first experience with the kind of anger that