Resources for pastors to support couples after miscarriage

Resources for pastors to minister to couples after miscarriage and pregnancy loss


Walking alongside hurting people in their pain is a sacred privilege. Thank you for your willingness to hold space for the grief of parents who have experienced miscarriage and other forms of pregnancy loss.

The links and resources below have been compiled for easy reference to keep on hand for yourself and for your congregants when they’re grieving the loss of an unborn baby or supporting a fellow church member through miscarriage and other forms of pregnancy loss. I will continue adding to the list as new resources are discovered or become available, so please consider bookmarking this page and forwarding it to others on your team who serve families or work in pastoral care.

May these resources serve you well as you serve others.


For pastors and lay ministers:

What Parents Need Most from Their Pastors after Miscarriage – Christianity Today Pastors

A Liturgy after Miscarriage or Stillbirth – Anglican Church of Canada


For loved ones:

How to Care for a Friend after Miscarriage

What not to say to someone who’s lost a baby (and what to say instead)

How to Choose a Gift or Assemble a Care Package after Pregnancy Loss


For couples:

Pregnancy Loss Resource Page

How to Keep your Marriage Intact after Miscarriage – Relevant Magazine

Free 7-day Devotional: How to Grieve with Hope after Miscarriage – YouVersion

Men & Miscarriage Series

4 Ways to Support a Father after Miscarriage – Crosswalk

How to Support Your Husband through a Miscarriage

Letters to a Grieving Mom: Navigating Milestone Days after Miscarriage

Journaling Our Scarlett Stories – free journal prompts to guide you through grief after pregnancy loss

Our Scarlett Stories – online support community for parents after pregnancy loss


A gift for hurting parents and those who walk alongside them:

Consider resourcing your church library, bookstore, counseling ministry, Bible study, mother’s group, or women’s ministry with copies of Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss to have on hand for hurting congregants and community members. Consider also using this as a resource to help your church members and ministry teams learn how to walk alongside those who are grieving.

For discounts on multiples copies, please visit

Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss by Adriel Booker

From the back cover:

“With vulnerability and tenderness, Adriel Booker shares intimate stories about her experiences with miscarriage to help readers navigate grief and find God’s presence in their pain. She tackles complex issues about faith and suffering without offering religious clichés or pat answers, and she invites hurting parents to a wide-open place of grace, honesty, and genuine hope as she leads them to discover a redemption story unfolding in the shadows of their loss. Included are practical resources for dads, loved ones, parenting through grief, and pregnancy after loss.”

What pastors are saying:

Grace Like Scarlett is a raw and challenging look at the impact of miscarriages not only in the life of every woman who has undergone such tragedy but also in communities of faith who seek to care for those who have lost. As a pastor, I find this book offers hope to those in my congregation who have and will walk through this valley. Read it and be ready to give copies to all those who need the encouragement this book provides.” —Steve Mickel, lead pastor of Westside Church, Bend, Oregon

“There are few resources for individuals or churches that I have found to be this succinct and powerful—I wholeheartedly recommend it!”—Ken Wytsma, pastor and author of The Myth of Equality and The Grand Paradox


For discounts on multiples copies, please visit


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Resources for pastors and lay ministers to help to couples after miscarriage and pregnancy loss


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