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Journaling Our Scarlett Stories: Prompts for Processing Grief after Pregnancy Loss

Journal prompts after pregnancy loss miscarriage


Four years after my first miscarriage, I wrote this in a letter to my baby:

“I’ve been reading journal entries and letters I wrote to you all those years ago. Sometimes it feels like words are all I have left of you. I don’t have a photo of your sweet face. I have no gravesite to visit. But I do have my words—written to you and for you and about you. They aren’t fancy but they’re honest. Maybe they mean so much to me because they’re all I have.”

As I was thinking about how precious those journal entries and letters are to me even now five years and two additional miscarriages later, I realized how healing it was for me to capture my grieving process in words, and how those same words continue to heal me still. That’s when I decided I’d like to help you journal your grief too.

We all know the power of story. Your favorite movie or novel or TED talk is likely your favorite because the story you entered into changed you somehow. No doubt you’ve been impacted by the stories of others— fictional or real—but have you spent much time considering the power of your own story?

Journal Prompts after Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss to Process Your Grief

Grief experts widely agree that the practice of journaling through your grief is a healthy way to connect with and process your pain and loss. I am not a grief expert, but I am a journaler and have found this to be true. Along with my personal faith and caring support network, journaling has been the single most important tool I’ve had while learning to walk through my grief.

While journaling and writing and storytelling come naturally to some, others may not know how to begin. My hope is that the prompts in this journal will help you connect with your grief and write your own story, and that by doing so you will discover healing grace released over your broken heart. This journal itself won’t heal you—my belief is that God heals our hearts—but it will help you on your healing journey. I’m certain of that.

Please note: This ebook is written in such a way that you can benefit from it whether or not you participate in a faith tradition.

With hope,
Adriel x

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