• 32 weeks pregnant after miscarriage

    Sinking deep (and thoughts on pregnancy after miscarriage)


    At thirty-four weeks pregnant I’ve now reached the stage where pretty much anything can spark tears. It’s like all the tears from eight months of pregnancy have been stored up and have finally found the crack to pour out of. No, gush out of. Is it my hormones? Probably. Is it the diminishing

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  • Survey: Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Infertility, Loss, and Faith

    Have you experienced miscarriage?


    Have you experienced miscarriage or another form of baby loss? If so, I’d be deeply grateful if you’d take the time to fill out this online survey as I research for my upcoming book. (I’m interested in hearing from you if you’ve experienced infertility or elective termination as well.) I want

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  • Charity is sharing your table

    Dinner with Jesus (and the notion of “charity”)


    He sat next to me at dinner. I had been cutting my youngest’s meat for him and didn’t notice Matthew* pull up his chair. We chit-chatted about the weather and the football and the warm meal being served up by the community kitchen. There was a glint in his eye

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  • Living Small to Live Big — tiny house life with kids

    The 8 worst things about life in a tiny house (Part 1 of 2)


    There are so many amazing things about living in a tiny house. . . and then there’s the rest. Here’s the juicy stuff: all the dirt. Yup, I’m talking the glamorous side of tiny house living such as toilets, dishes, and—um—sexy time. Here are the ­­­­­first four (of eight) of my least favorite things about

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  • Tiny house, big love- life in our renovated vintage caravan — Adriel Booker-21

    6 awesome things about our life in a tiny house


    To some, tiny house life sounds romantic; to others it sounds awful. I can tell you it’s neither. And it’s both. Actually, it’s so much more. Our year living in our little renovated vintage caravan (our tiny house on wheels) was the result of one of the best decisions we

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