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With love & cheer


It’s been a huge year for us, friends. Thanks for sticking with me through sporadic posting, long bouts of silence, and blog identity crisis as I go through growing pains

5 meaningful mothers day gifts under $15

5 meaningful mothers day gifts under $15


Maybe your husband and kids are asking for gift ideas, or maybe you’d like to bless a single mom or your own mom this Mothers Day. Here are five simple

Passing over (chaos) and holy communion


I imagined that tonight I would write something about Passover after returning from a beautiful feast put on by our YWAM community. Something deep and spiritual and lovely. And yet

For the love of holiday M&Ms


I get homesick at holidays. I know what you’re thinking – of ocurse you miss your family when you want to celebrate with them most. Um yeah. That’s true. I