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the baby days

moving forward

This kid: He made 2011 so amazing. Makes me wonder how it can get better in 2012. I spent New Years Eve writing his birth story… and

why hello there gorgeous

I have a two-month-old. I also had a two-month-old a year-and-a-half ago. That’s really not so long ago, so why then is it so easy to forget

Co-sleeping: Love it or hate it?

Where do you stand on the controversial parenting issue of co-cleeping? When I first became a parent it never even occurred to me that I might share

something to lean on

By Jamie O’Donnell, High Countries   Ezra. You woke up again last night, like always — except I had puttered around the house instead of going to

just a little mom-gush

Yes. I’m on “maternity leave” from the Memos… dishing up some lovely guest posts and a few “encores” from the archives… but I couldn’t resist slipping in