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the little years

Does this sort of thing happen to you, too?


{IG name: adrielbooker} This is us… all clean and showered after three pee incidents two poop incidents on five different areas of the floor in four different rooms of the

Transform your old crib into a loft toddler bed


Simple and inexpensive modifications to make a “loft” toddler bed from an old crib. It was time. We finally moved Levi into a toddler bed. I’ve been procrastinating the move

learning to discipline rowdy kids

How I’m learning to discipline rowdy children


  He was an unruly little boy. Four-and-a-half and quite the handful. His mom called him things like “brat” and “annoying” and constantly whined about his whining. She threatened spankings

make trust the goal of your parenting

Parenting to build relationships, not robots


Is raising obedient (or well-behaved) children the goal of your parenting? At times Levi has hit me out of anger. He’s disobeyed, ignored me, thrown himself on the floor in

toddler looking surprised

Who taught my two-year-old THAT??!


It was a routine diaper change—nothing out of the ordinary—when all of a sudden Levi pointed to himself “down there” and enthusiastically said, “NUTS! NUTS!” with a big grin on