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the generosity of story telling

The generosity of storytelling


When stories connect us Two years ago I was headed into the most arduous work of my life. I was writing a book, not only telling my own story, but

When you feel like you don't belong

When you feel like you don’t belong


How many times have you decided you don’t belong because of some internal framework you’ve set up to determine when you’re worthy or unworthy, qualified or not?

When words fail, pray.

When words fail


Sometimes my head spins with all there is that demands the pen. At the moment I feel like I’m trying to shovel concrete in order to make room in my

Selah - pause and listen

Selah: Pause and Listen


  I’ve claimed Christianity as my own more than 16 years now. Sometimes it feels like my whole life and yet I have to remember that it’s only a microblink