Pay It Forward Book Fund: Give a copy of Grace Like Scarlett to a bereaved mom or pregnancy resource center

Gift Grace Like Scarlett to a family in need

Pay It Forward to a family in need

Gift a copy of Grace Like Scarlett  to a bereaved family after miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, or other types of pregnancy and baby loss, or donate a copy to a pregnancy resource center, church library, counseling practice, or bereavement support agency.


“As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I think this is one of the best resources out there for women facing the struggle of infertility and miscarriage. As a woman who has walked through five miscarriages myself, this is the book I wish I had on my nightstand from the beginning.” —Nicole Zasowski, Marriage and Family Therapist 

“Adriel, I work at a faith-based pregnancy medical clinic and help women with reproductive loss. I use your book as our guide to walk alongside women after miscarriage. Thank you for writing this courageous, beautifully written book. It is true discipleship, not a bandage.” —Tanya

“I bought your book when I miscarried the first time. It helped me so much. I read it again when we miscarried again. When I see or hear of someone miscarrying I always purchase this book and mail it to them with a card. I think I’ve literally probably bought 25 copies.” —Kayla

“I can attest to the grief journey being tremendously helped with this beautiful book. I have given many copies to friends. I’ve never gone through the loss of a child in any form, miscarriage or otherwise, but we’ve lost parents and loved ones. Your story and the thread of the gospel through grief is what the world needs to hear.” —Jessica

“I was given this book as a gift after my most recent miscarriage and I can honestly say that your book took me out of the deep hole I was in, I’ll forever be grateful for your book.” —Miranda

“I bought dozens of books after our miscarriage and this one was the most impactful. I couldn’t put it down. I’ve loved being able to gift it to some very special friends who have been walking the road of baby loss and I’ve heard how much Adriel’s words have impacted them in the midst of their heartache.” —Caitlin

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Though one in four pregnancies ends in loss, miscarriage is shrouded in such secrecy and stigma that the woman who experiences it often feels deeply isolated, unsure how to process her grief. Her body seems to have betrayed her. Her confidence in the goodness of God is rattled. Her loved ones don’t know what to say. Her heart is broken. She may feel guilty, ashamed, angry, depressed, confused, or alone.

With vulnerability and tenderness, Adriel Booker shares intimate stories about her experiences with miscarriage to help you navigate your own grief and know you aren’t alone. She tackles complex questions about faith, suffering, and God’s will with sensitivity and clarity, devoid of religious clichés or pat answers. Ultimately, Adriel invites you to a wide-open place of grace, honesty, and genuine hope as you discover a redemption story unfolding in the shadows of your loss. She also includes practical resources for ways to help guide children through grief, advice on pregnancy after loss, and special sections for dads and loved ones.


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