Take Five: A little writing experiment where it’s all fair game.

Take Five (minutes to write). No edits. No rules. No subject off limits.

I try to write five minutes a day (with a timer!) and then… I hit “publish” (though I do sometimes leave the post set to “private”).

You think I’m forgetting something? The spell check? The editing? The “crafting” of my work?

Nope, not forgotten. Skipped.

Why in the world would I publish something that holds the potential to be the worst piece ever written in the history of… ever?

Many reasons:

  • To grow in discipline.
  • To beat out my inner perfectionist.
  • To learn how to write succinctly.
  • To practice the ability to write-on-demand.
  • To let the creativity and thoughts flow uninterrupted and unhindered.
  • To deliberately not over think and overanalyze.
  • To crush my pride.
  • To put into practice authenticity.
  • To uncover my true voice.

I write here because allowing others to see that I am flawed is difficult… and extremely liberating all at once.  

I write here because I can. I write here because it’s fun.

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