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How to be a SAHM without losing your marbles.

How to be a stay-at-home mom without losing your marbles


We stay-at-home moms know we are blessed to be home with our littles, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t faced with the challenge of not just surviving—but actually thriving—while surrounded by cracker crumbs

Spirit Led Parenting the importance of connection

Spirit-Led Parenting: The Importance of Connection


If you’ve been around this space for—oh—a nanosecond, well then you’d know that I’m all about empowering women. Especially new or struggling mamas. When author Megan Tietz (SortaCrunchy) invited me

learning to discipline rowdy kids

How I’m learning to discipline rowdy children


  He was an unruly little boy. Four-and-a-half and quite the handful. His mom called him things like “brat” and “annoying” and constantly whined about his whining. She threatened spankings

These two


  It’s been happening for almost nine months now. Slowly. Steadily. But lately the friendship between these two has become so, so obvious. Some days I think my eyes are