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Sexy Giving


Everybody loves to give to a worthy cause, but who loves to donate toward the liability insurance?

I totally get this. I would far rather think of my donations going toward buying food for the hungry than I would buying fuel for the truck to deliver the food to the hungry. Chances are, you feel the same.

Sexy needs. Boring needs. Both are needs.


That’s why it’s relatively easy for me to jump online and raise money to rally thousands of clean birth kits or buy a solar suitcase to serve mothers in impoverished areas in rural Papua New Guinea, but it’s much harder for me to fundraise for my plane ticket so I can help deliver the resources and provide education on the ground.

(And don’t even get me started on how hard it can be to fundraise for the really unglamorous stuff… like car maintenance or printing costs.)

‘Boring’ needs, ‘sexy’ needs. We’d all lean toward sexy nearly every time… but holistic giving includes both.

Amy L. Sullivan has devoted her entire blog to the journey of moving from the addiction of self to the service of others – how her family is doing it and how the rest of us can do it too. Yup, an entire blog devoted to giving and serving. Incredible, really.

Today I’m at her place talking about Sexy Giving, and how on its own… it’s not sexy at all. Join me there and have your say?


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