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Adriel Booker Birth Photos Love A Mama-9197

A (photo) birth story: Mine and hers

Strength and dignity—she is tender, she is fierce One woman every minute dies in childbirth*. I am not her. You’re not either. But every “her” has a

Adriel Booker Micah Booker birth photography vbac waterbirth

Meet Micah, my beautiful son

I have so many things I wish I could share right now about having my son, but the words haven’t formed easily; they’re still hovering over the

Adriel Booker 38 weeks pregnant rainbow baby belly kiss

Rainbow baby

I’m due with my sixth baby any day now, but there are only three car seats fitted into our car. Three of our babies have died before

Pregnancy announcement - made in the USA

Giving birth to hope (and a baby)

I had a day last week filled with both excitement and dread. The dread ended up deflating itself once brought into the light of day, leaving me