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The most amazing thing I’ve learned in a long time

A brain scientist, off all people, held us hostage and rocked our personal and collective world as we heard “new” truths unfold.

Hillsong's Women's Conference - the Colour Conference with Dr Caroline Leaf

A few weeks ago I had the huge privilege of attending the Hillsong women’s conference – Colour Conference – in Sydney. I know this will sound strange, but 15,000 women and I were enthralled with the message of Dr. Caroline Leaf, a neuroscientist from South Africa. She was funny, personable, a solid Bible teacher, and Smaaaaart. (Yes, capital “S”.)

In just a couple of sessions she began showing us how we could literally rewrite our future by changing our brain health.

Amazing stuff friends. You neeeed to know this stuff too. It has the potential to change the entire life of your family in the best possible way.

Please continue reading at Grace for Moms about new brain, new life and then… do yourself a favor and get her book!