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coping when it’s hard

When your anger frightens you

Years ago as a brand new mom to a little boy I couldn’t possibly love more I had my first experience with the kind of anger that

Dear Baby (four years after miscarriage)

Dear baby (four years after miscarriage),

Dear Scarlett, It’s been four years since I was wheeled down the hallway under obnoxious fluorescent lighting by the insensitive surgeon and the nurse with kind eyes.

Adriel Booker 38 weeks pregnant rainbow baby belly kiss

Rainbow baby

I’m due with my sixth baby any day now, but there are only three car seats fitted into our car. Three of our babies have died before

When you feel like you don't belong

When you feel like you don’t belong

How many times have you decided you don’t belong because of some internal framework you’ve set up to determine when you’re worthy or unworthy, qualified or not?