4 Innovations That Are Changing the World

Instead of writing today, I wanted to showcase awesome innovations that have the potential to make a huge impact in the developing world. In fact, they already are changing the world, and they carry a possibility within them that is absolutely off the charts. These innovations aren’t exclusive to “women empowering women“, but they are empowering entire communities.


The Tippy Tap

Diarrheal and respiratory infections kill over 3.5 million children under the age of five every year. Hand washing with soap is the most effective and an inexpensive way to prevent these deaths. It can save the lives of 1.2 million children every year. The tippy tap is a low cost, low tech, low water, hands-free device to promote hand washing with soap. Check out TippyTap.org for more information.


The Food Machine

The Food Machine

Ever thought about natural farming through hydroponics? Yeah, me neither. But this thing blows my mind and I’d love to see it reproduced right around the world. Check out FoodMachine.org to learn more.


We Care Solar Suitcase

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you already know about the Solar Suitcase. (If you’re new here we raised money for one through the Sunshine Project last Mother’s Day and I was able to deliver and install it in a clinic in Papua New Guinea last month!) This portable solar energy system helps save the lives of mothers and babies by delivering reliable light and solar power to remote medical facilities.

Also, here’s an exciting newsflash: Dr. Laura Satchel is nominated as a CNN Hero and she is now in the final ten to become Hero of the Year and win a $250,000 grant for their work! Please consider voting daily for We Care Solar here. It would be awesome to see We Care Solar win!


Moringa – The Miracle Tree

The Moringa Tree is not exactly an innovation… but it’s proving to be revolutionary in areas of great need, and is certainly innovative in that we’re just discovering all of it’s vast uses. Moringa Oleifera is an amazing tree originating in India, but is grown in many places around the world. The Moringa tree is very generous plant, almost all its parts can be used as food or medicine. Among these uses is fighting six types of cancer, anti-inflammatory components, anti-toxin and anti-oxidant materials and wide medicinal uses such as cleansing the body from toxins, strengthening the immune system, support to lactating mothers, Gout and Arthritis supporting treatment and much more. Check out TheMoringa.com for more on this incredible tree.


Dear friends, what can I say? I’m pretty much speechless. Mostly, I’m just filled with a lot of hope for our future. No doubt this is only a very fine slice of the innovation already out there (and more being developed every day) that really can make our world a better place. God bless the creatives, the curious, the determined. God bless the innovators among us. 

Do you know of any innovations you think could make a difference in the developing world? Please share – I’m so interested!


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