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If Covid hasn’t upended plans and forced us to be creative in new ways this year, then I don’t know what year you’re living through. Couldn’t be 2020.

We’ve all lost something. Perhaps gained something. Or maybe all of the above. What have you lost? 

In the grand scheme of things, the disappointment from losing the “smaller” things like a family vacation, a significant gathering, or a work opportunity is fairly minor (compared to losing a job, your health, your home, or a loved one), but that doesn’t mean we let go without disappointment. Yes, even the small stuff.

I was supposed to take a couple of work trips this year—one to the USA and one with my husband to Thailand. I was looking forward to both immensely. Letting go was hard but necessary. I’ve sure you’ve had to let go of things too.

While we didn’t lose a major family trip (because we didn’t have one planned anyway), we did have to postpone our family camping tip that was planned. Instead we did a little backyard camping a few times. We had a couple nights in the tent (and when I saw we I mean the kids), and they had fun. It wasn’t amazing but it was fine.

And then we received this Vuly trampoline and it changed everything. Sound dramatic? Well, it really has been the best Covid gift our kids have received. (Not including the extra family time and learning from home and slower pace of course.)

We already had a huge, well-loved, well-used trampoline, so I wasn’t sure how the kids might respond to swapping it out for a new one. I wondered if the novelty would wear off after a week or two.

It’s now been more than a month and they have been on this trampoline nearly every (non-rainy) day since we got it. We’ve already had camp-outs (it comes with a tent attachment!), as well as a birthday party.

Side note: One of our favorite party games is to fill the trampoline up with balloons that have little lollies inside and the kids have to jump on them to pop them. It’s chaos (and actually a bit harder than it looks) but always super fun. They also love to use pool noodles for sword fights inside the trampoline. Again: Total chaos, but very fun.

I’m going to get really practical here as I wrap this up because this is what moms do. Vuly asked me to share honestly what I appreciate about this trampoline and this is the bottom line for me: The cover. I LOVE the cover. (Yes, all caps.)

We’ve never owned a trampoline with a cover before and I KNOW this is why my kids love it so much. Our trampoline lives under a tree and this is the first time it’s ever been consistently kept clean. Not having to clean it before playing has been incredible and I’m convinced this is why it gets a daily workout. The whole trampoline is really thoughtfully designed and well-made, but it’s the cover that has my heart.

Thank you Vuly. You’ve legitimately made our Covid year better.



A note to readers: If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how selective I am about working with brands. This is just not the primary function of my blog and so sponsored posts are very few and far between. Every now and then I make an exception to this and when I do, it’s because a product comes along that I feel genuinely good about endorsing. Such is the case with our new Vuly trampoline. Summary: I love it. If you’re looking for an Australian company to support I can honestly recommend them.

Thank you to Vuly for sponsoring this post. Vuly is one of Australia’s leading play equipment designers. From premium swing sets to quality trampolines, Vuly is here to ensure play is both active and fun for kids of all ages.

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