Join me for a cuppa | The dishes, birth kits, and Europe edition

Big week, yes? There’s just so much happening right now, but it’s all good, good, good.

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You really should read these guys:

So excited about Simple Design that just launched. It’s part of the Simple Media family… all amazing blogs.

Dishes and Litany and all that Beauty by Mama:Monk. Read it, mamas. No need to thank me, just be blessed.

This week on the Memos:

As a part of the Mother Letters project, I wrote Will You Remember Her? about women who struggle with joy. Here’s an excerpt: “You—who are so like God himself in your creating and nurturing and laboring and the handing over of your very glory to another—will you remember her…” continue reading.

Hooked on Instagram. Are you?

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Bloggers for Birth Kits:

This week has been all about the launch of this year’s Mothers Day Drive for Bloggers for Birth Kits.

“My heart cries for the women who fear birth, not because they’re afraid of the pain or of not getting their post-baby body back quick enough, but because they know that they might not be one of the fortunate ones.” –Megan, Boho Mama

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I’m so pleased to say that we already have 610 kits promised (being assembled and sent to us). This is amaaaaazing!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the many women who are blogging the cause, sharing the link on facebook, pinning, and tweeting about this initiative!! Here are some of the blogs that are helping to promote B4BK so that we can improve the chances of more women birthing safely in the developing world.

Click Clink Five:

CC5 is my other blog where I write for five minutes every day on topics from faith to politics, entertainment to travel to… you name it. Oh, and this wee little blog is unfancy and unedited. Stream-of-conscious, baby.

Project 52:

I’ve been absolutely loving this age with Judah lately. He’s just this perfect size to sling on my hip or snooze on my back in the Ergo like my very own koala. I’m loving the way he stretches his arms out to be picked up and the way he pulls your face close and plants big, slobbery smooches when you’re least expecting. He’s really getting cuter lately too, so it’s incredibly hard not to gushgushgush. (Sorry.) I have been, however, slightly lamenting the loss of my little gummer. I miss him being able to gnaw on my fingers without being cut by his three (almost four) teeth.

And then this photo just went and changed my mind. I’m now loving the little toofers.

smiling baby with bottom teeth

[17|52: pearly whites]

Fave pin from the week:

At 18 I packed my backpack and headed to Europe for two months. (I came back over a year later.) To this day it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done with my life. Exploring the world as a young person helped me to grow up, understand myself, appreciate people, celebrate differences, and even begin to search for God. If you’re a young’un reading this blog… this word is for you!


Pinterest board of the week: A Room for the Littles

Because I love, love, loooove decorating and styling rooms… here’s a bit of kids bedroom inspiration for you.

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Dear friends, I am so inspired by you and the way you’re getting on board with Bloggers for Birth Kits to help improve the chances of safe birth in developing nations!! Thank you for using your voice and influence to help promote this important issue. If you haven’t already, please consider getting involved.

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pearly whites: #17 of my 52 fotos project.
Linking in with other Project 52ers: Styleberry Blog and Courtney Kirkland.



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