De-clutter your entire house by Christmas in 50 little steps, just a few minutes a day.

Declutter your entire house by Christmas - free printable plan

Sort, divide, and conquer.

Perhaps it’s the change of seasons (we’re coming into summer here in Australia), but I have been going crazy about clutter in my house lately. At a glance things look fine, but I know what lurks behind closed drawers and cupboards: STUFF.

And honestly, the stuff is starting to make me a bit loopy.

It feels like a constant battle to keep it tamed – a sure sign that it’s time to deal with it.

Give away, throw out, and re-organize.

And seriously, don’t you love the idea of heading into next year already feeling fresh instead of just determining to start fresh when the holiday dust settles and the calendar flips over?

Here’s my simple plan – one little project, one day at a time. Some of these will take five minutes (clean the toothbrush drawer) and some will take a bit longer. But they are all manageable to do in little bursts. (There might be days like today that I do more than one—gasp—and even get ahead.)

Feel free to join me if you’d like and cater my plan to your own household needs. This is based on my house and clutter, but you can use the list to trigger your own thought process and plan of attack.

If you’re methodical, go through the list in order, choosing room-by-room which you’d like to do next. If you’re like me, then I suggest you skip around a bit so you don’t get bored and lose interest!

And shhhhhh, here’s a secret: If you start immediately there’s room for a few skipped days while still getting it all done before Christmas.

Ok, big breaths—we can do this—here’s THE LIST:

de-clutter your entire house by christmas free printable

Download this as a free printable: De-clutter your entire house by Christmas in just a few minutes a day.

Dear friends, what do you think? I want to finish my year well and be ready to ring in the new one feeling already ahead of the game. Wanna join me??

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