Dear Santa (Letters from believers)

Aussie Santa at the beach

We never decided to “do” Santa… or not “do” Santa. But this year, the kids have taken the lead, letting us know they firmly  believe he’s real and he’s coming. I think this revelation came as a result of one too many Santa books and movies, because our general tradition has been to teach them about Saint Nicholas (the real man from whom the Santa myth has morphed and grown), and let them leave their shoes out to be filled by him on St. Nick’s Day (December 6th) as we talk about the spirit of generosity (and anonymous giving) which is inspired by Jesus. On Christmas day, our gifts have always been from family and friends and we talk about being generous with one another.

We’re not anti-Santa. But never before has Santa left the kids presents for Christmas morning or been any more real than Rudolph or Frosty.

And then this year happened.

They. Are. Convinced.

And honestly, the magic of it all is… well, magical, so we’re totally going with it.

Because we didn’t make this discovery until the last few days, we’ve told the kids that Santa isn’t brining any presents (they see them all wrapped under the tree already anyway), but he just might fill their stockings. They were pleased with this and instructed us about what needed to be gathered (cookies, milk, and carrots of course). (Actually, a few nights ago Judah suggested leaving cookies out to “see if Santa would come” and I had to ensure him that cookies aren’t bait, but rather a gift.)

Tonight I sat down with the kids to let them dictate a letter to the big man in red (making sure to let them know that his sleigh is already full so we can’t ask for specific toys for this year – YIKES) and this is what came out from Judah: 

Dear Santa,

Can you come here for your cookies and carrots?

Love bomb,

I’m not sure why he thinks “love bomb” is appropriate for signing off his note, but I can ensure you it’s not a violent thing in our family. We drop love bombs around here daily.

And then there’s Levi’s letter. I’m not even going to describe how many things in this letter crack me up. He truly is a little boy after his own mama’s heart. (And seriously, I cut him off after three paragraphs. The kid can waffle on and on just like… me.)

Dear Santa,

Your cookies and carrot are from Levi and Judah. And the other thing I want to say is Judah’s name is not just Rocket Judah – him’s just pretending.

Next Christmas can you get me a control car and Judah a control car? One who works good. And what else I would like is a Lego with lots of superhero mans.

Merry Christmas Santa and why do you need to work at the North Pole? I love you and I really, really like that you’re a Present Man because that’s the goodest I have seen. I hope you have a really good time putting out the stockings for all the kids.


So there you have it. I hope the Present Man is good to you and yours this Christmas, and I really hope he remembers to bring a “control car” next year, because my boy is planning ahead and—goodness knows—he does not forget these things.

Much love from the smitten mom of two new believers. Hope your holiday is amazing.

Adriel x

p.s. How do you “do” Santa in your family?

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