Happy Valentines Day from the FIVE of us! (Pregnancy announcement)

How to tell your husband that…

Surprise! Tell your husband about your pregnancy while in the middle of a self-timer camera sequence.

And can  you please just look at Judah’s expression in that second photo again? It’s like he knew what was going on… “You mean I’m not going to be the baby anymore??!”

Questions I’ve already been asked:

  • Yes, these were taken the first time I told Ryan. That look of shock and surprise on his face? Totally genuine! (The pics aren’t from today today though – last week.) It was a hilarious moment and I’m SO glad to have caught it on “film”. Priceless memory frozen in time forever!!
  • No, this baby wasn’t a “surprise”… though it’s always a surprise, right??! A super-delightful-amazing-miraculous-wonderful, hoped-for, planned-for surprise!!!
  • Yes, we’d love to have a girl, but we also can easily imagine having three boys. (Gosh, I never thought I’d be saying that – but it’s true.) We’re at peace either way. (It was important to me that I felt that way before we trying for another baby.) But I’d be lying if I didn’t say we are dreaming about all things girlie!
  • Baby is due October 12th. (Or babies? I have to wait a few weeks for another scan to answer the twin question. Good Lord, that would be insane!)
  • Baby will be exactly two years younger than Judah. I really hope they don’t share a birthday!! (Judah and Levi are a year-and-a-half apart.)

Dear friends, we’re wildly excited!! But would you please pray for baby and I? It’s very early in the pregnancy still and we’re more than aware that bubby is teeny-tiny and incredibly vulnerable. Pray God’s protection and health for this little one!! What a miracle and a joy, huh?!

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