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On flapping my arms like a wild man and learning to walk with Him

baby learning how to walk

I forgot how endearing (and hilarious) it is – the learning-how-to-walk stage of babyhood.

And although he didn’t ask me if I was ready for it, apparently he was. (Seems somebody is impatient to keep up with his big brother. Never mind he’s just 10 months old.)

So right now we’re in that in-between phase – the clumsy steps of the drunken sailor wobble intermixed with highly efficient speed crawling. It’s adorable. And it’s also frustrating. Because often Judah’s desires run far ahead of his abilities and—to his dismay—mama seems just out of reach… continue reading >>>

Dear friends, I’m writing today about how Judah’s wild arm-flapping sometimes reminds me of my own wait for God and my “need” to be rescued as I’m learning how to walk with Him. Please come and join me at Grace for Moms.


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