• What was lost

    I spent some time naming all the things that were lost this year as the world was jarred to stillness with Covid-19. It was painful. Some of the things lost have been public—we lost a lot of income and one of the properties we run our ministry out of. We lost students, momentum, opportunity. Some […]

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  • June Deep Dive grief group with Adriel Booker

    Deep Dive: Grief support groups after pregnancy loss

    Are you looking for additional grief support after miscarriage, stillbirth, or other types of pregnancy loss?   Maybe your grief is fresh and raw and you’re still reeling from the suffocating blow of a recent miscarriage. Or maybe you’ve long ago buried a secret grief, but something within is probing you to lean in closer […]

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  • I See You, Mother

    I See You, Mother

    I see you—the one flattened by the words “I can’t find a heartbeat.” I see you—the one trying and waiting and wondering how much longer you can hold on to hope. I see you—the one wondering if you have the right to grieve. I see you—the one carrying a long ago grief that still sneaks […]

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  • Mother's Day gift after miscarriage

    What to give someone on Mother’s Day after miscarriage

    Mother’s Day after miscarriage (and other types of pregnancy loss) can be hard. Give someone you love a soft place to land.     When I experienced my first miscarriage I had never felt so isolated, confused, and angry. I had also never felt such sadness—deep, deep sorrow. In the aftermath of my loss, I […]

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  • Large Vuly quality trampoline Australia

    Backyard Covid Camping with Vuly Australia

    If Covid hasn’t upended plans and forced us to be creative in new ways this year, then I don’t know what year you’re living through. Couldn’t be 2020. We’ve all lost something. Perhaps gained something. Or maybe all of the above. What have you lost?  In the grand scheme of things, the disappointment from losing […]

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  • How to grieve when you don't have time to grieve - Adriel Booker

    How to grieve when you don’t have time to grieve

    Perhaps in an ideal world we’d make it stop and take the time we need to immerse ourselves in grief and then find our way back out. But in the real world we keep folding the laundry, keep scraping together the rent, keep showing up to fellowship on Sunday, and keep holding our grief through it all. And so this is how you'll find me grieving in the whirlwind...

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  • Comparison after Miscarriage - Adriel Booker

    Avoiding the Comparison Trap after Miscarriage and Loss

    When a friend of mine experienced stillbirth a few months after my first miscarriage, it forced me to look into the eyes of my own jealousy. Yes, I just said that. I was devastated to hear her news. It triggered my own deep feelings of loss while also sending my empathy into overdrive. I did my best […]

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  • miscarriage pregnancy loss adriel booker

    Yes, another loss

    They couldn’t find a heartbeat and several rounds of ultrasounds confirmed she had passed away. It all happened so fast and, truthfully, I didn’t believe them at first. Did they not hear me? I felt her alive a few hours ago. I’m sure of it. Didn’t they hear me?

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  • Letters to a Grieving Mom: Open if you're pregnant after miscarriage

    Letters to a Grieving Mom: Open if you’re pregnant after miscarriage

    No matter how you feel, there is grace enough for you and for your own particular journey of motherhood. You can do this. You can feel what you need to feel, grieve how you need to grieve, and still celebrate the life of your newest little one. Your sadness over what’s happened can sit side-by-side with the joy of new life. I know it feels like those things must compete but they don’t have to. You are a whole person with a whole complex range of emotions and responses...

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  • Adriel Booker and Jenni Burke - Grace Like Scarlett release day

    One year later: What it means to have my book turn one 

    Grace Like Scarlett wasn’t the book I wanted to write. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to write a book on grief and suffering. But it was the book I needed to write—one about grace and hope, promise and presence. It was the book I wished someone had handed me in the days when we lost our first baby to miscarriage. And our second. And our third. It was the book I *had* to write—one conceived at the bottom of my pain where I found God’s goodness was still there.

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