I was looking through my photos from our Christmas holiday in Oregon, and as I paused at this one I immediately thought of the word WONDER.

What must have been going through little Levi’s mind as he held glowing fragments of light between his fingertips?


And when is the last time that I let myself be childlike in my own thinking?

I’m not talking about being childish here—as in immature—I’m talking about being childlike…

Able to suspend my to-do’s and agendas long enough to just be in the moment, caught up in whatever beauty is before me.

Able to discover and question and find joy in simple things.

Able to love unabashedly. Laugh without restraint. Be free of self-consciousness, self-doubt, or self-criticism.

Able to believe whole-heartedly, cry unashamedly, and trust completely.

I have moments of being able to live with a child-like simplicity. But they are only moments.

Far too often my rationale gets in the way. My sense of responsibility. My need to be “right” or do things “just right”. My consideration of others perceptions of me. My desire to have order. My tendency to plan and predict and predetermine.

And although none of those things are wrong… they can get in the way of living if I’m not careful.

I’ve had many of these “wonder” moments lately—being on holiday helps—but I’m not satisfied. I want more.

Thank you, little Levi, for helping mama to remember that it’s important to wonder.

Dear friends, how are you keeping the WONDER in life this Christmas season?

pausing to wonder,

Note: This was originally posted on December 15, 2010. Levi was ten months old.

adriel booker | the mommyhood memos | 2010
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  • flyrish
    15 December 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Beautiful photo! I adore how fascinated he looks.

    And yes, I've had more of those childlike moments lately with Q and I'm proud of myself for going there. Because it's not always easy. A good goal for the new year, indeed.

  • Branson
    18 December 2011 at 7:51 am

    I have an unopened box of lights waiting for a photo like this but keep getting distracted. Tonight I will love in the moment and play a little… Thinking of you and Levi while I shoot 🙂 Love this post! Glad you reposted!

  • Amy Sullivan
    18 December 2011 at 11:23 am

    I think you nailed it. Wonder is lived through our kids. Sometimes, as an adult, I feel as if I’ve lost the ability to wonder. “Suspending my to-do’s” gets hard, and I need my kids to pull me back.

    I love that my youngest daughter yells at the moon every morning to “hurry up and catch us” as we fly down the road. Moments like this bring me back to awe and wonder.

    Beautiful words, friend.


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