Christmas Gifts to Empower Women: A Gift Guide by the Love A Mama Collective

Christmas gift guide to empower women - Love A Mama Collective by Adriel Booker

As you know, the Love A Mama Collective and I love to discover ways we can help empower women and girls, especially those who don’t share the same privilege and opportunity we do. (Did you know that among other things we’ve collected nearly 20,000 clean birth kits for women in remote areas with little access to medical care during our annual Mother’s Day drives?) I’m so excited about our latest initiative—the Love A Mama Collective’s Christmas gift guide to empower women. It’s all about gifts that give back.

My dear friend and teammate Jess put together this clever gift guide for us. Every item on the list is a quality product from an ethical company working to empower women.

If you own or know of a company you think would fit this gift guide well, please feel free to add to the list by leaving a link in the comments. (Please note that all links will be moderated to ensure they’re within the spirit of our gift guide.)

Merry Christmas, y’all, and happy (ethical) shopping.

Adriel & the Love A Mama Collective xx

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Gifts to empower women (under $20)

1. THISTLE FARMS Bath Salts (ships to USA & Ireland)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—Thistle Farm Bath Salts

These gorgeous bath salts are a perfect stocking stuffer for any mama on your list! Thistle Farms employs women who are survivors of trafficking, addiction, and prostitution in Nashville, Tennessee. Thistle Farms Global partners with 18 social enterprises empowering survivors in 10 countries. These partnerships allow global enterprises to hire more women and increase wages. (A few of their partners are featured in this list!) Visit Thistle Farms to learn more.


2. ALAFFIA Baby Bubble Bath (ships globally)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—Alaffia Baby Bubble Bath

Imagine how delicious your babe will smell after bathing in the chamomile coconut blend or the lemon lavender blend bubble baths. Yum! I was thrilled to discover more about this company in my research for this gift guide because I already use—and love—this bubble bath for my daughter! Alaffia is committed to alleviating poverty and promoting gender equality in African communities. Funded by the sales of Alaffia products, they engage in several empowerment projects including an amazing maternal health initiative. They have a wide array of beauty and bath products at very affordable prices. Visit Alaffia to learn more.


3. NEW LIFE MATERNITY Desktop Calendar 

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—New Life Maternity Calendar

I totally want one of these beautiful calendars for my desk! Each month features original illustrations of mother and child from twelve different home nations. New Life Maternity helps refugee women who are pregnant and have small children in San Diego, California by offering prenatal classes, parenting resources, baby goods, and discussion groups. I particularly love the ‘Pregnancy Pal’ program where a local pregnant woman is paired with a refugee to help show her the ropes of the medical system, where the hospital is, where to find baby supplies, etc. Visit New Life Maternity to learn more.


4. LAS DIOSAS Coffee (ships to USA & Canada)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—Las Diosas Coffee

This single-origin coffee is the perfect gift idea for most anyone on your list! Las Diosas, meaning “goddesses,” is a network of four all-women coffee grower co-ops dedicated to promoting and respecting women’s rights. At only $14 a bag, you can buy one for everyone on your list! Visit Just Coffee Co-op to learn more.


Gifts to empower women (under $50)


5. HAITI BABI Turtle Lovie (ships globally)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—Haiti Babi Lovie

These gorgeous baby blankets, hats, and “lovies” are hand knit by moms in Haiti. I especially love this sweet Turtle Lovie—the perfect gift for anyone on your list with a new babe or expecting one soon. Haiti Babi provides jobs to mothers in Haiti so they can earn a sustainable wage, provide for their children, and keep their families together. Visit Haiti Babi to learn more.


6. HOUSE OF LIGHT GOODS Pillow Cover (ships USA, Canada & Australia)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—House of Light Woolen Pillow Cover

How beautiful are these handwoven wool pillow covers? And you have to check out their scarves, which are another great gift idea for men on your list! House of Light Goods provides empowered employment to single mothers in Primo Tapia, Mexico, allowing her to provide food, shelter, and clothing for her children. All profits from House of Light Goods go to their partner Children’s Centre. Visit House of Light Goods to learn more.


7. STARFISH PROJECT Lanette Shell Earrings (ships globally)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—Starfish Lanette Earrings

I’m known to wear studs almost every day of the week, and I could easily see these shell earrings being a pair in regular rotation! Starfish Project cares for women escaping human trafficking and exploitation through a holistic approach. Providing employment and education is one part of the process. Not only are women learning to make beautiful jewellery but also to become managers, accountants, graphic designers, and photographers. Love that. So much. Visit Starfish Project to learn more.


8. PURPOSE Chevron Necklace (ships globally)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—Purpose Project Chevron Necklace

Available in brass or silver, this chevron pendant necklace is just one of the beautiful jewelry pieces made by survivors of modern-day slavery in Mumbai, India and Orange County, California. Purpose Jewelry gives 100% of their proceeds to benefit their partner non-profit which provides holistic care for young women rescued from sex trafficking. Visit Purpose Jewelry to learn more.


9. MAMA MAYA Organic Cotton Muslin Blanket (ships globally)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—Mama Maya Organic Muslin Wrap

Every mama loves a beautifully made soft muslin blanket to wrap their little one in. With every purchase of one of these stylish muslin blankets, Mama Maya gives funds towards one clean birth kit and caregiver training to ensure at least one other mama has access to a cleaner, safer birth—obviously an issue close to our hearts. That’s what we call a win win! Visit Mama Maya to learn more.


Gifts to empower women (under $150)


10. JOYN Suede Clutch (ships to USA)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—JOYN Suede Clutch


I am in love with this suede clutch. I could see taking it almost anywhere that my diaper bag does not need to accompany me to. JOYN employs artisans in Rajpur, India to make beautiful, 100% handmade handbags. They provide employees with steady jobs, education, vocational training, medical services, and a daily meal plan. Visit JOYN India to learn more.


11. RAVEN + LILY Cow Skull (ships globally)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—Raven + Lily Cow Skull

How on trend is this Paper Mache Cow Skull?! It is hand-crafted and hand-painted, empowering artisans in Haiti. Raven + Lily is an amazing organisation created to alleviate poverty among women. They currently employ 1500 marginalised women at fair trade wages in nine countries, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty. Their jewellery lines are also fantastic! Visit Raven + Lily to learn more.


12. GAIA Foldover Clutch (ships globally)

Christmas Gift Guide to Empower Women—GAIA Fold-over Clutch

So I might be mildly obsessed with bags, and particularly clutches like this one. This company employs refugee women living in Dallas and features an exclusive textile line that employs artisan women in India. GAIA is dedicated to the long-term success of marginalised refugee women by empowering them with financial independence and self-sufficiency. Visit GAIA for Women to learn more.



Jessica Murray—Love A Mama CollectiveJessica Murray joined the team at Love A Mama Collective in 2016. While living in Australia for several years, Jessica travelled to parts of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific where she became passionate about seeking ways to empower women to overcome poverty and exploitation. She now lives in Montana, USA with her husband and two-year-old daughter.




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